• At: Arobas Personnel,  
  • Category: It Jobs  
  • Location: Montreal, QC  

Arobas Personnel is currently looking for a data quality specialist for a position in Montreal Area

Key Tasks:

  • Transcribe information on targeted data gathered during investigation phase of Data Readiness assessment into usable format for communicating critical facts to both business and IT professionals. This includes the creation of presentation decks and reference documents.
  • Build and maintain documentation of Data Types, Sources, Transformations and accompanying business rules for reference during data quality monitoring phase.
  • Transfer definition of data elements to central business glossary and data governance platform according to pre-specified standards and in a language that is readily interpreted by both business and IT professionals.
  • Support the Data Quality Manager with the creation of SQL scripting required to profile data as required and assess, document and communicate findings.

Key Skills:

  • Strong Analytical skills and attention to detail with particular ability to identify key pointers that indicate potential conflicts in information gathered on scrutinized data.
  • Strong communication skills and command of English (Read, Write and Speak).
  • Fluent in SQL Scripting Language (Read and Write)
  • Advanced Power Point Skills
  • Familiarity with Database Architecture and relational database structure.